Ms. Buyer is a regular columnist for the THE BULLETIN of the Bar Association of Erie County and is a contributor to No Jitter. Previously, she has written numerous commentaries on telecommunications law for other legal and telecommunications publications including, among others, The Daily Record, Communications Convergence and Computer Telephony. Her articles cover a broad range of topics highlighting current telecommunications issues including federal and state telecommunications policy, litigation, wireless technologies, spectrum policy, FCC initiatives, and industry consolidation. Martha Buyer has also contributed to the ABA Journal Report.

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What this Week’s Internet Privacy Action Really Means

It has become increasingly easy to turn off the news or not read the paper as even the most seemingly common sense approaches to regulation default to partisan bickering among clout-heavy lobbyists. And with a pro-big business Republican House, Senate, and president, it’s easy to understand how the current Congress and administration would abandon regulations designed to protect consumer privacy in favor of the interests of lobbyist clients that pay the biggest bills -- namely AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, among others.

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