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Connecting Across The Digital Divide

The business of America is moving online. Just think of retail, where Amazon is gobbling up the world. Then there’s banking, bill-paying, homework, health services, and on and on. But lots of America still doesn’t have broadband Internet access. Wide rural areas, not on. Two thirds of Manhattan, no access from home. The country made electricity and telephone access a national priority. Should it do the same for fast Internet? This hour On Point: broadband access in the USA. — Tom Ashbrook

Listen to the On Point discussion Connecting Across The Digital Divide broadcast on August 2, 2017


Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

On May 7, John Oliver took up the issue of net neutrality again. Because the Trump administration hasn’t made it easy to comment on the topic, Oliver bought the website, which redirects to the correct page at the FCC. 



VI Barcelona Telecom Consultants Day 2017


Enterprise Connect 2017 Interview 

At the recently held Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, Martha spoke about the legal issues associated with the deployment of 911 capabilities for those facilities where there is some sort of PBX or PBX capability and where the provision of location information could be critical in the event that First Responders need to come on premise.