Ms. Buyer is a regular columnist for the THE BULLETIN of the Bar Association of Erie County and is a contributor to No Jitter. Previously, she has written numerous commentaries on telecommunications law for other legal and telecommunications publications including, among others, The Daily Record, Communications Convergence and Computer Telephony. Her articles cover a broad range of topics highlighting current telecommunications issues including federal and state telecommunications policy, litigation, wireless technologies, spectrum policy, FCC initiatives, and industry consolidation. Martha Buyer has also contributed to the ABA Journal Report.

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Managing Privacy and Security in the Age of IoT

As the volume of information about absolutely everything we do becomes increasingly large, and as the number of recent data security breaches continues to climb, large consumers of telecommunications services have tried to be increasingly vigilant about staying current on the latest and greatest techniques for managing potential privacy and security breaches. Most Americans are familiar with horror stories of the recent major data breaches that have hit the headlines in a big way and think quietly to themselves something along the lines of “there but for the grace of God…(you know the rest)

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Legal Considerations in DAS Deployment

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are increasingly being deployed across communities—particularly in college and university communities. With this increased attention to the merits of DAS, it seemed timely to present a view of items for consideration, planning and ultimate deployment of DAS with particular attention to legal obligations and strategies for successful implementation.

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