Ms. Buyer is a regular columnist for the THE BULLETIN of the Bar Association of Erie County and is a contributor to No Jitter. Previously, she has written numerous commentaries on telecommunications law for other legal and telecommunications publications including, among others, The Daily Record, Communications Convergence and Computer Telephony. Her articles cover a broad range of topics highlighting current telecommunications issues including federal and state telecommunications policy, litigation, wireless technologies, spectrum policy, FCC initiatives, and industry consolidation. Martha Buyer has also contributed to the ABA Journal Report.

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Information Security The New IT Issue Part II

The Safe Harbor is No Longer Safe
Context is incredibly important in all things.  As I have been preparing for a conversation about information security and privacy at a major international event, I decided that by means of introduction, I should come up with a (totally unscientific) list of people who have changed the contemporary world.  Other than leaving off mass murderers and war criminals, I was open to just about anyone, and that’s what I got.  Although the list is long, some obvious choices were, in no particular order, Bill, Steve, Andy, Gordon and Sergey and Larry (no last names needed). Among the less traditional choices were David Bowie, Billie Jean King, Magic Johnson, Robert Oppenheimer, the Pope and Elvis. If nothing else, it’s been a very interesting exercise.

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Information Security The New IT (or “it”) Issue

There is no question that the amount of information created in the information age is overwhelming.  From banking transactions to Fitbits, we are all generating incredible amounts of information every single day whether we realize it or not.  As should no longer be surprising, this data—this information about us as individuals--is vulnerable. Consequently, issues of data security and privacy have moved to the mainstream in a quick and powerful way. And that’s before we even whisper the name “Snowden.”

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The Beat Drones On or Drones 201

For the October issue of this column for the Bulletin, I wrote about drones and the issues arising from their increased presence. News coverage on drones has drastically increased since then. The FAA, for example, has tightened existing rules.  In addition, Walmart has applied to the FAA for permission to test drones outdoors for the likely purpose of making deliveries to customers (in both its own parking lots or at customer homes), as well as for internal use at its own buildings, warehouses and distribution centers.

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Drone Or Drones 101

It’s October and I can report that I’ve started my training for this year’s Turkey Trot. Last year, as I prepared to start in my annual less-than-sprint down Delaware Ave. on Thanksgiving Morning, I noticed a drone hovering over the start. “That’s cool,” I thought and began working my way down Delaware Avenue (My favorite moment of the race occurred about midway through when I saw the back of a woman’s shirt that read “if you’re behind me, you didn’t train either.”  Right on, Sister). But I digress. Since then, I’ve seen bits and pieces of news and notices about drone use from a variety of sources for a variety of reasons.

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Cramming Makes a Nasty Comeback

Take a look at your phone bill. Every month. Even if you don’t have time to scrutinize every line item, it’s worth a quick review.  We’re all used to escalating bills for utilities (with the exception of gas—at least this year) so bill “creep” isn’t normally cause for alarm. But this year, particularly in the mobile device world, enforcers are coming from all corners to go after the carriers and providers who not only have continued to allow third parties to add piddling little charges without authorization, but who have, in many cases, been sharing the revenue with those third parties.

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