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What is telecommunications law?

Telecommunications law is a wide field covering issues from radio and television policy to issues related to both wireless and wireline services. While the field is broad, this firm specializes in the niche of assisting clients (generally corporate or consultant-based) to obtain sound technology-based legal advice related to local and long distance services and equipment provision.

Why consult with a telecommunications attorney?

Telecommunications contracts and agreements are minefields for those who have neither the time nor expertise to recognize the subtleties inherent in these documents. A competent telecommunications attorney can enable clients to derive the greatest benefit from these agreements and as such have a mutually productive relationship with their vendors.

How do recent changes in telecommunications law effect business?

The divestiture of the Bell system in 1983, followed by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, brought telecommunications law to the forefront. Competition, first on the long distance portion of phone bills, and more recently on the local portion, has created intense complexity in both the negotiation and application of telecommunications laws and regulations. With the change in the legal environment, consumers are now faced with an incredible array of options. They need to know a great deal more about technology and legal issues than ever before as they attempt to secure the most appropriate and cost-efficient services at the most favorable price and terms. A telecommunications attorney and consultant can provide the necessary expertise on a project basis, thus enabling clients to spend their time managing their own businesses.